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The Harmonic Thought "Love Energy Routine."


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“Who else wants to know how Love Energy can change EVERYTHING about your life without a thing in your life changing?”

Harmonic Thought is what occurs when you reach a state of clarity and you are introduced to a flow of divine creative energy called inspiration.

The result is a free mind, an empowered mind and a happy abundant human being.

That state of clarity that we all seek is brought about and maintained through the “Harmony of Energy”

Everything is energy. Energy is intelligent. All energy vibrates. All energy harmonizes with all other energy.

You are energy. You vibrate and harmonize with all that is. The act of your observations and your attitude toward them is the most powerfully creative process there is.

How you harmonize with energy is essentially how you create your life.

The purest energy that a human can produce is love. That’s why love energy is the greatest clearing mechanism known.




The greatest, most powerful Harmonic Thoughts are those of love.


Because I know the power of the harmony of energy, I start my seminars with the “Love Energy Routine”.

It does an excellent job of very quickly producing a state of clarity and harmony in the group. What ever baggage and clutter that folks are carry around can be released with a simple observation of love energy.

The “Love Energy Routine” also, focuses on gratitude. Gratitude is essentially love. Love for the things you are observing in your life.

Not love for things you’ve had or could have had. Not love for the things you may or may not have in the future.

Gratitude is the love for the things of now. Moreover, the love of now.

The love for the creative moment that is now.

Your mind is the most powerful creative natural resource on the planet. And it’s point of creation is always and only right now.

You have the ultimate power and authority to create your life how ever you are inspired to do so.

You must, however seize the authority and power and use it. Hone the skills and craft of creating your life. If you don’t, with will be done for you by default.

Harmonic Thought - Inspiration Ahead -Inspired thought produces the most powerful action.Action must be taken. Active thought must be involved. Keen observation is required.

Inspired thought produces the most powerful action.

Clarity produces the most inspired thought.

Love produces the greatest and purest clarity.


Meditation, It's not just for monks and gurus anymore. - Harmonic Thought -





If you're like me you're very busy. You want something easy and quick that will have a big impact of your life.


The reason you want to bring more Love and Gratitude into your life is because it has a natural clearing effect.


When you get to a place of clarity using love and gratitude you will recognize the following benefits:


  • You have more happiness in your life
  • You will begin to live a life of harmony
  • You will find the inner peace you so desire
  • You will begin to be able to create success at will
  • You will realize your current state is easily changeable
  • You will begin to realize that you can create the life you desire



Love Energy Routine Meditation and Visualization by Harmonic ThoughtThe Harmonic Thought "Love Energy Routine."


Immediate MP3 Download - $25.97

Get it now only $19.97

Harmonic Thought - Love Energy Routine Guided Meditation and Visualization - Buy Now button


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